Downloading the embroidery files

How to download the files on my device/s?

1. Select the design/s you like by adding to basket. After you decided all is good and you want to purchase, go to checkout.

2. After you complete all the forms and complete the transaction, you will receive the files in 2 ways or both:

     - Directly on site: once the trabsaction is done, the designs will be available to download imediately directly on website. This is great if you did not want to add information like e-mail or phone number.

     - Via e-mail: you can add your e-mail and a link will be sent for you to download the files.

Please download and store those designs somewhere safe, where you can access anytime. However if ever lose your files and want to redownload you can always access your links from the e-mail or by contacting us.


I don't see my embroidery file type I need!

A download will always contain archived files. That being said, your downloaded file will be  

To find the embroidery file you just enter that file like you would enter a folder, no matter what device you are using and a folder with the files will appear. In that folder there are all the embroidery files. Just choose the one you want for your machine and copy it to your embroidery library.


How do I transfer the file to my machine?

To transfer the embroidery design file to your machine, you will need an external flash drive (memory stick) or a CF card depending on the machine you are using.

To upload the file to the flash drive, you need to connect the flash drive to your device where you have the file. You copy the file from the device to the flash drive. That's it! Now you insert the flash drive to the embroidery machine. To access the flash drive, please verify your machine's manual for the menu, if you haven t done it yet.



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