Where is the file for my awesome embroidery machine?

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The perfect embroidery design!

Maybe you own a Brother embroidery machine and you are so excited that you found a beautiful design you like so much!

So you quickly make the purchase and hurry to download the files already thinking about what greatness will come out of this(I know how it feels, I've been there)!


There is an alien document on my device!

Next, you search the files but Dear Me! There is no file for your machine! What do you do?! You need this so badly!

No worries! The pes file will magically appear! It just needs a little...petting!




The magic!

Select the "alien file" (zip file) you just downloaded and double click it! Now, by magic, a folder unveils!
Just enter that folder and choose the file that suits your needs, in my case the one that ends with .pes


Save that precious file!

I know you're not a control freak, neither am I, but next, you copy that file or the entire folder to a precious location on your computer or flash drive, the embroidery library.




Watch it stitching!

You are happy, you are smiling, you feel you can do anything! So start to embroider! Quickly prepare the stabilizer, place the material in the hoop, and watch it stitching!

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